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Recap of the South Florida IMA August Event: Why You Should Care About Reddit

Another month – another great event! Our August event was hosted by Brent Csutoras, CMO at PeakActivity and Managing Partner at Search Engine Journal.

During the event Brent revealed to attendees the power of Reddit and how you can include this mysterious, and somewhat intimidating, social media platform into your marketing strategy.


If you’re looking to reach 330 million actively engaged monthly visitors, 35-50 years old, with a median income of $70,000 Reddit is the platform for you.



While engagement rates are starting to decline on other social platforms, Reddit has continued to grow by 25% each month.  Even better, Reddit recently launched Profile pages, which is similar to Facebook pages and can be beneficial for brands, even more so than Facebook.


Your brand can leverage Reddit to build followers to your Profile page and engage them in meaningful conversation.  Reddit will also be rolling out a chat feature which will allow you to chat with your brand advocates in real time.

Display ads and AMAs (Ask Me Anything) are other Reddit features that your brand can integrate into its marketing strategy. AMAs are a real-time online interview. The two most popular AMAs in Reddit history are Barack Obama in 2012, which garnered 3 million page views in 1 day, followed by Snoop Dogg in 2012, which netted over 1.6 million daily page views. As you can see AMAs can give your brand great exposure.


  1. Reddit Pages, Chat, Display ads and AMAs are all great opportunities that your brand can leverage.
  2. Make sure you have the bandwidth to manage your page:  visitors come to Reddit to engage in meaningful conversation and that is what they are going to be expecting on your page. Make sure you have someone on your team who can be consistently and actively engaged in the conversation that is unfolding on your page.
  3. Cross promotion: to grow your new Reddit profile page promote your page to your existing audience on your current social media platforms.

Reddit is the best social platform that most companies are not using. Don’t miss out on this hidden opportunity and head over to r/reddit.com and set up your company’s profile page.


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