July Educational Event Recap

In case you missed our event, or are just looking for a refresher, here is a recap of the July South Florida IMA event: Organizational Culture and the Future of Marketing.

Jessica Higgins and Hugh MacLeod from Gaping Void

Our Speakers: Jessica Higgins and Hugh MacLeod from Gaping Void

Love what you do and you will never work a day in your life – this is a well-known quote from Confucius.  Many might aspire to live this out, but so much of our workforce is just there for the paycheck and nothing more because they don’t like their job at all. However, what is the other end of this for companies, organizations, and the executives that run them? How do executives develop and foster a work environment where employees love to come to work? The answer lies in the organizational culture.

The proof is in the pudding, or rather in the shoes. As we have seen from companies like Zappos, who have a culture so amazing, the employees absolutely love working there. They love it despite the fact that they are essentially call center employees selling shoes. Classically, the shoe salesman was one of those types of jobs you used to hear about as being mundane and something that made Al Bundy miserable.

So, what is the incentive for companies and the CEOs that run them to develop a culture? Jessica Higgins from Gaping Void and one of our two magnificent speakers at our July event explains that the company culture is the one thing that other companies might be envious of and want but can never steal. When an organization’s employees are happy, they produce better and deliver better customer experiences. The secondary effects are sales, profits, and success. The company culture makes things interesting, which makes it easier for marketing too.

How do companies go about building an awesome culture that their employees will love? Gaping Void helps companies achieve this by talking with employees and listening to their feedback. They figure out what the employees “really” do rather than what they say they do and uncover how they really feel as well. Then, they help the company build a new mission statement that is simple and explains what they do. The new mission statements for companies with great cultures rarely are about selling anything nor are they about the actual products or services they deliver; it is more about how they want to make their customers feel and in the end how the employees will feel too.

A big part of Gaping Void is the amazingly creative art work from co-founder and our co-speaker Hugh MacLeod.

empower or leave.

Image Credit: Hugh MacLeod from Gaping Void


We hope to see you next month for Programmatic Media Case Studies of Dr. Pepper and Snapple presented by Centro.

Next month, our event will be on the third Thursday, August 17, 2017 at 6:30pm.  Register today!

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