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  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Meet Business Reality

Understanding the past, present, and future opportunity with Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality


  • How AR and VR solve major business problems

  • Tips for your first (or second or hundredth) AR or VR project

  • Review the best case studies for VR, AR, and MR

  • A look at the leading edge in AR and VR

Don’t miss this month as we briefly explore the history of Virtual Reality and its meteoric rise to public awareness – from the dawn of commercially available stereoscopic toys such as the ViewMaster, to early headsets pioneered by NASA, to the New York Times presently distributing millions of Google Cardboard headsets to their subscriber base.

We will learn the differences between 360 video, VR Video, Roomscale Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality as well as the potential use for each. Later in the presentation, we will examine case studies from Gramercy Tech projects that highlight each of these technologies and examine the business decision to use the technology. We will also discuss the current challenges that businesses face in deciding whether or not to invest.

Finally, we will discuss the future of VR / AR / MR and the barriers that need to be broken in order for the tech to truly reach it’s perceived impact in our day-to-day lives.


Jay Miolla
Managing Director - VR / AR / MR, Gramercy Tech

Jay Miolla studied Communication Design with a focus on Human Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon in the mid 90s during the birth of the modern internet. This fortunate moment in time grew his interest in all forms of digital technology and how they can be utilized to both engage users as well as communicate in new ways.

He began his career with @radical.media with their Emerging Media group working on a variety of innovation projects that included second screen experiences for Nike, 14 player videos games for IBM which were installed at Epcot Center, and even spearheading early VR efforts using QuicktimeVR as the foundation for a variety of web experiences.

Following that, Jay went on to work with Razorfish on enterprise level SaaS websites for Ford and later he began an Innovation Department at long standing multi-cultural ad agency Uniworld Group, where he brought User Experience, Digital Strategy, Digital Research, and Analytics together as a strategic offering for their Fortune 500 client base which included Colgate, Home Depot, The US Marine Corps, Ford and Lincoln Motor Companies, as well as NPR.

After seeing the first version of Oculus just one time, Jay left the ad agency world to start his VR company Out of Body VR which began working with real estate companies to develop VR platforms to help agents with sales. Shortly thereafter, Out of Body VR was acquired by Gramercy Tech in 2015 to augment the company’s offerings in the VR/AR space. Since then, Jay has successfully lead projects that include 360 videos detailing patient experiences for Allergan, mixed reality experiences for CES, room scale VR walkthroughs for Wyndham hotels, as well as augmented reality experiences showcasing vision based diseases.

Jay continues to explore the limits of the medium with skunkworks projects that include volumetric video, markerless motion capture, web based AR, and social webVR experiences with the goal of delivering meaningful and useful products.

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