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  • Learn How to Make Your Content Have Chemistry

Content Strategy and SEO for B2B Lead Generation


  • Learn how to create and then promote your content.

  • Create online content that attracts visitors.

  • Learn how to convert the visitors your content attracts.

From the first keyphrase to the final conversion, this session connects every dot. Your content and your website are a bridge between a Google search results page and your website’s thank you page. Here is the complete approach to making that bridge a fast-flowing highway of continuous demand.

In this session, Andy will walk through each step in the process for driving B2B leads with content marketing, from first action to final outcome.

Who are we talking to? Why do they care?
What are we ranking for? What are the two types of keyphrases?
How does PR and research build links, authority and ranking potential?
What do we publish? And how will it be promoted?
What topics, formats and collaborators support lead generation?

Learn to be a “dual threat marketer” by combining search and psychology, SEO with conversion optimization, cheese and mousetraps. There’s more than one way to generate demand for services. This is one of the best.


Andy Crestodina
Co-Founder / Chief Marketing Officer, Orbit Media Studios
Andy has been in the web design and interactive marketing space since January of 2000. In that time, he’s helped thousands of people do a better job getting results online. He’s a true evangelist for content marketing and ethical digital marketing. Together with the team at Orbit Media, Andy has put out some of the best digital marketing advice available in hundreds of practical articles, including posts on virtually all of the top marketing websites. Then there’s the book, Content Chemistry, which is currently in its third edition. Andy is also a regular speaker both locally and nationally. Not only is Andy a founder of Content Jam, Chicago’s largest content marketing conference, but he’s also a regular face on the national circuit. If you go to a content marketing conference, the one Chicagoan you’re most likely to hear is Andy Crestodina.
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