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  • Case Studies Using Innovative “IP Capture” Tracking Technology


  • Latest technology for digital attribution

  • Tracking between TV and digital tying in sync and target campaigns

  • How conversion based optimization is the ultimate focus group

  • Tracking cross language conversions and bi-lingual search queries

If you haven’t yet heard of IP Capture tracking technology, then you are in for a treat this month as Ethan Clarke from AI Media Group  will show us how “IP Capture” technology is superior to other, older forms of tracking website visitors, like cookies. In fact, “IP Capture” technology helps companies advertise smarter and more efficiently than ever before. Imagine knowing the path your customers took to find you instead of using guess work to piece it together.


Just some of the benefits of “IP Capture” Technology include:

  • IP tracking is for the life of a campaign  and cannot be erased
  • Captures the exact keywords a user types /searches allowing instant bid adjustments
  • Client keywords and ad groups are updated in real-time based on user keywords typed
  • Pinpoints user’s location down to zip code and even street level
  • REAL-TIME  optimization btw Display, Social, Mobile, SEM & Organic

Join us on Thursday, May 10th to find out more benefits and see them in practice.


Ethan has some fantastic case studies from Hard Rock and Ferrari to present and show how this innovative advertising tracking option worked for international campaigns.


Ethan Clarke
VP Client Services, Ai Media Group
Ethan has been managing digital marketing campaigns for over 10 years.  He has extensive hands on knowledge of paid digital media including Search, Display, Remarketing, Video and Social tactics. His focus has been improving key performance indicators for his clients including leads, sales, and engagement. Ethan is one of the founding members of Ai Media Group and has been essential to the growth of the agency. Starting in NY Headquarters in 2008 Ethan founded the South Florida division in 2011. Ethan has worked on numerous complex digital marketing campaigns with both clients direct and agency partners. Below are a few examples of the campaigns he has/continues to manage:  
  • Univision World Cup 2014
  • Consolidated Credit Counseling
  • Great Health Works – Omega XL
  • Nova South Eastern University
  • Hard Rock Hotels
  Ethan lives in Miami with his wife and two young children. He enjoys traveling and spending time with his Family. He attended the University of Connecticut and is an avid sports fan.     About AI Media Group:   At Ai Media Group, we specialize in defining, managing, and executing online marketing strategies. We are marketing professionals, business consultants, and technology experts dedicated to doing whatever it takes to help our clients succeed. Our cutting-edge tools and comprehensive approach provides clients with real-time information and immediate results.
PubCon Florida Summit 2019 | Mar 05 @ 8:00:am