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  • Making Mobile Moments Matter

Lessons from the Island of California


  • Why we're in the early innings of understanding what mobile means to our brands.

  • How the ubiquity of smartphones, expansion of data plans, and rise of app culture makes location data more important than ever.

  • Why location data goes bad & what you can do to control yours.

  • What the coming wave of voice search, AI, and self-driving cars mean to your brand.

Making Mobile Moments Matter: Lessons from the Island of California

For over 250 years, the brightest minds in the world using the best technology believed California was an island. Learn from Jeffrey K. Rohrs, Yext CMO and author of AUDIENCE: Marketing in the Age of Subscribers, Fans & Followers, what this story can teach us as we look to better connect, engage, and serve today’s mobile consumers in the moments that matter.

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Jeffrey K. Rohrs
Chief Marketing Officer , Yext
Jeff serves as CMO for Yext, the company that puts business on the map with the award-winning Yext Location Cloud. Jeff previously served as Vice President of Marketing Insights for Salesforce and ExactTarget, and his first book, AUDIENCE: Marketing in the Age of Subscribers, Fans and Followers (Wiley 2014), has been lauded by marketers and executives alike as a must-read for those interested in the rise of proprietary audience development as a core marketing responsibility. A Clevelander now living in the heart of Manhattan, he continues to marvel that his Cleveland Cavaliers won an NBA Championship.
Big Profits, Little Budgets | Jul 12 @ 6:00:pm