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  • Marketing Myths and Technology Slips


  • Learn the latest research on customer behavior – both on the B2B and B2C environments.

  • Learn how to leverage your technology and website to make your customer experience proactive, preventive and engaging.

  • Find the latest new sources of Voice of the Customer that you already have but are not using.

  • Learn how to measure and quantify the payoff of an enhanced experience in a manner the CFO will accept.

Technology can enhance a wide range of aspects of the customer experience but most companies are missing the biggest opportunity – anticipation and proactive service.

By being proactive, a company can cut service cost by 2/3 while dazzling the customer with great service. The biggest payoffs of proactivity often come not from reducing the cost of after-sale customer service but from enhancing revenue and word of mouth more effectively. Setting customer’s expectations and proactively providing service via technology can accomplish this.

In his discussion, John will identify five areas where technology and service, marketing and quality departments can partner to enhance not only the customer experience but also the bottom line.


Computer Aid, (CAI) is the proud sponsor of this event. CAI is a global IT services firm that is currently managing engagements with numerous Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies. CAI demonstrates value in delivering results that reduce costs through visibility, optimization, control methodologies and performance-based service tools.  We operate on the principle that quality IT solutions should be delivered at a fixed price, on time, and in budget. Our ability to hold true to this principle has been critical to our success since our founding in 1981.


John Goodman
Vice Chairman , Customer Care Measurement and Consulting (CCMC)
A co-author of the 1970’s breakthrough study of consumer complaint behavior and customer service for the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, John A. Goodman is one of the original trailblazers of the customer experience industry. His contributions to this research overturned conventional wisdom and were instrumental to repositioning customer care as a potential profit center. He is the author of the best selling book Customer Experience 3.0. John’s company CCMC offers research and consulting services to help companies from every industry hear the voice of the customer more clearly, act on what matters most and align the business with the customer experience. Empowering businesses to act on the voice of the customer, CCMC helps companies earn the measurable payoff of delivering a consistently better customer experience. They accomplish this with increased customer loyalty, competitive superiority, higher margins and positive word of mouth advertising in the marketplace.
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