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  • Online Reputation Means Business

Strategies to Avoid Digital Damage and Defend Your Brand


  • Learn how to identify personal and professional online vulnerabilities

  • Employ best practices for use of social media and digital communications

  • Avoid and mitigate online damage through preventative and prescriptive strategies and tactics

  • How to remove negative content from search results using previously unknown techniques

On a daily basis, negative information that appears online prevents people from getting jobs, advancing in their careers, and building their businesses. Negative online information causes great personal misery and can even tear-apart families. Businesses can be quickly ruined or sometimes find their revenue streams slowly eroding beneath them. The Internet can serve as judge, jury and executioner for practically any person’€™s or company’€™s reputation. Regardless of whether you did something foolish, are associated with another’€™s misdeeds, or are the victim of a third-party attack, most people and businesses are ill-prepared for increasingly common online problems.

John P. David represents people and companies facing online issues, and he chronicles their tales in his presentation:

  • People make big mistakes: A college student’€™s night on the town goes off the rails, and dozens of news stories online now exacerbate his bad decisions. Finding a job more than two years later remains a challenge.
  • A CEO’€™s namesake son gets in trouble, causing reputational damage for a century-old family business.
  • A disgruntled customer posts negative and defamatory stories on industry websites, causing six- figure damage to a company’€™s bottom line.
  • And then there are victims: Subjects of hate blogs and online complaint sites stare-down negative search results for years. Sometimes, lives are ruined.

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John P David
President, David PR Group
John P. David is president of David PR Group and a partner with online reputation management company WebFactCheck.com. He specializes in strategic communications programs and represents both businesses and individuals with online issues. His articles on online reputation management are regularly published in the Huffington Post and PR Daily. His book How to Protect (Or Destroy) Your Reputation Online will be published by Career Press in October of 2016.
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