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  • Big Profits, Little Budgets

The latest trends and tricks in PPC


  • Learn how to grow a successful and profitable Paid Search campaign from the ground up even with a small budget.

  • Learn about common campaign settings in AdWords & Facebook with actionable steps to improve performance.

  • Identify which parts of a business have the best margins & apply those learnings to improve ROI & win at search, even with small budgets

In 2017 the average cost per click for AdWords paid search placements hit $2.32, and Facebook is catching up with an average of $1.72. Budgets that used to bring in enough leads, now struggle to bring in enough clicks to yield conversions, and businesses and agencies alike are hurting. While some may say, “find the money” the reality is some businesses truly can’t afford more than $1000 per month. Yet not everyone has the time or knowhow to build an effective SEO channel. For many small business, and the agencies that serve them, it can feel like a no-win scenario.

Rather than giving into despair, advertisers can attend this data driven power session where we will:

  • Review common campaign settings in AdWords and Facebook that can bust an otherwise healthy budget including location targeting, bid adjustments on device and schedule, and bidding strategies and how to fix them.
  • Identify which parts of the business have the best margins, and therefore should get access to budget.
  • Know when to apply budget to the transactional search result page, vs passive consumption of content on Facebook and display.

We need to stop buying into the mindset that the only way to solve account performance issues is to throw money at it. This session is designed to help advertisers win with what they have, and know how to translate those wins into real world growth.


Navah Hopkins
Navah Hopkins is part of the Thought Leadership and Customer Success teams at WordStream. She’s worked in digital marketing since 2008, and in paid search since 2012, committed to helping advertisers across all industries WordStream serves achieve profit and understand the process. When she’s not helping customers or speaking at conferences, Navah enjoys gaming with her husband and cuddling with her two cats.
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