How do I sign up for an event?

Once you become a member of the South Florida Interactive Marketing Association, you can attend all regular monthly educational events free of charge. The best way to register, either as a member or non-member is to visit the event page for the specific event you want to attend and click the appropriate link for “member registration” or “non-member registration”. Once you complete the convenient form on the next page, and you’ll be automatically registered and a nametag will be waiting for you at the door.

Who can I call about sponsorship?

Sponsoring a South Florida Interactive Marketing Association event is a great way to get your brand or message in front of a highly-engaged group of decision makers in South Florida.  Major events such as the Nautical Networking Event feature multiple sponsorship opportunities such as signage, bar, games, and live entertainment.  Some sponsorship packages also include memberships. Please contact sponsorships@sfima.com for more information, or visit our Sponsorships page for details.

How can I get involved?

The South Florida Interactive Marketing Association depends on dedicated volunteers to help produce all the educational events and programs. From committee appointments to on-site assistance at events, volunteering introduces you to other professionals in the industry and provides important leadership exposure. The Membership Committee is your primary link to all the benefits and opportunities available at SFIMA. We welcome volunteers for both long-term and short-term projects. Please contact us at membership@sfima.com for more information on volunteering for upcoming events or for longer-term appointments.  Or speak to any South Florida Interactive Marketing Association Board Member at an event.

Can I bring a guest to the next event?

It’s true – there’s nothing quite like experiencing a SFIMA event in action to understand the value of this organization and its members. For this reason, SFIMA strives to keep single event ticket prices as low as possible. Simply pay online or at the door for your guest.  However for each meeting, SFIMA is pleased to add a limited number of first-time attendees to our complimentary guest list. Typically, these spots are reserved for professionals who are seriously considering membership. In addition, availability is sometimes limited depending on the number of registered attendance and seating limitations at the venue. Please contact membership@sfima.com to inquire about recommending first-time attendees for the Membership Committee complimentary guest list.

Who should become a member of the South Florida Interactive Marketing Association?

In the rapidly changing world of interactive marketing, staying on top of the latest best practices, solutions and trends can mean the difference in reaching your company’s marketing goals. Because of the high quality events and knowledge we provide to the interactive marketplace, membership in SFIMA is ideal for any thought leader or strategic decision-maker responsible for interactive marketing or sales goals at their company, brand or division.

Following is a sampling of titles held by SFIMA members: President, Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing Director, Creative Director, National Sales Manager, Director of Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing Director, Director of Digital Strategy, Senior Director of Online Operations, Product Manager, Online Marketing Coordinator

What are the benefits of membership?

Membership permits you to attend all regular monthly education events (a minimum of 9) at no additional charge. This represents an annual savings ranging from more than $100 for an individual membership to more than $800 for a Corporate 5 Seat membership. In addition members get exclusive access to members-only events, a chance to build relationships with some of South Florida’s most influential interactive marketing pros, and to stay on top of new developments and best practices.  Many members find South Florida Interactive Marketing Association meetings an ideal place to recruit new associates or find new vendors.

If my company has a corporate membership, are those seats tied specifically to registered members or can benefits be transferred to any employee at our company or a guest?

Businesses that purchase a corporate membership are afforded full control over who uses those seats at any event. Feel free to rotate employee attendance and/or invite clients as you deem appropriate. Please note that registration for any event is still on a first-come, first-served basis, regardless of membership status. Therefore SFIMA recommends that anyone attending a SFIMA event register in advance to ensure a spot is reserved for them. This will also help SFIMA plan accordingly for the event venue, including arrangements for seating, food and beverages.

Where do monthly meetings take place? Do you hold events in Miami-Dade or Palm Beach County?

Monthly SFIMA educational events generally take place in a variety of public venues throughout South Florida, such as hotels and corporate meeting centers. Most events are held in Broward County, but we may also occasionally hold meetings in Miami-Dade or Palm Beach County. Every effort is made to ensure locations are easy to find and convenient to attend. Since each event is different, SFIMA recommends you refer to the event detail page for specific location, driving directions and maps.

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