• How Often Should I Optimize my PPC Campaign?

Optimizing pay per click campaigns is one of the trickiest jobs an online marketing manager can have. Doing it right can mean great exposure and lead to great profits; but doing it wrong can cost everything.

Brian Carter has a great article at SearchEngineJournal.com outlining great tips about how and when to optimize your pay per click campaigns.

1. Do you have enough data to optimize?

A lot of people ask, “how often should I optimize?” to which I reply, “It’s not about time.” It’s about how much data you get and how fast.

2. Are there seasonal influences on the data in the date range you’re looking at?

Google trends is a great place to check out seasonal interest in the regions you’re targeting with PPC advertising.

3. Are macroeconomic factors influencing your data?

The current recession can also be seen in Google Trends data and in your PPC performance.

4. Avoiding Pressures to Optimize With Bad Data

For the whole article and more of Brian’s great optimization tips the see full article.

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