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Recap of the South Florida IMA November Event: Non-obvious Content Marketing

Andy Crestodina, Co-founder and CMO of Orbit Media Studios, was the speaker at our last educational event of the year – Non-obvious Content Marketing.

During the event, Andy revealed to attendees how he was able to increase traffic to his site by 10 times in 4.5 years by leveraging non-obvious content.

The non-obvious content that he leveraged was his e-mail responses to questions he received about content marketing. Instead of composing e-mails in the traditional sense, he would provide super detailed answers, and structure his e-mails similar to a 500-word blog post with images and links.

He would then save all his response e-mails, that he accumulated over the years, and organize the responses into a searchable Google Doc that he could reference whenever needed, instead of compiling the same responses repetitively.

Andy then turned these responses into blog posts which evolved into a published book, on content marketing, which was seamless since he had the majority of the book written from his responses he had compiled over the years.

Andy also stressed the importance of leveraging testimonials as content. However, do not subjugate them to a dedicated testimonial page. Testimonial pages historically drive less traffic and rank low in Google rankings. Instead, incorporate your testimonials within your most popular pages so they serve as a complement to your main content.

Another tip is to use the most compelling part of the testimonial as a sub-header to place emphasize and draw attention to the testimonial.

Andy also emphasized the importance of repurposing existing content. If you have a piece of content, that is driving traffic, re-write some parts of it and republish it. However, make sure you use the same URL so you do not lose the SEO authority.



  1. Good content can be found everywhere; including, e-mails, texts and conversations
  2. Use testimonials to complement your content instead of subjugating them to a dedicated page
  3. You don’t have to start from scratch – repurpose your popular content to give it new life

Curating content doesn’t have to be difficult. As Andy says, “Never waste a good conversation by having it in private”. You never know what content gems a great conversation can birth.


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