• #SFIMASummit Notes from Albert Chen of Google on the Latest from the Googleplex

Albert is from the Google Adwords Agency Team
Anatomy of a Google Search Results page:
Not just text anymore! Lots of color: ads, video, products, pictures.
Creating an ad campaign is about getting your product in front of ppls earching for it, but also creating some brand awareness.
Finding the right keywords: new enhancements to Google’s kw tool – adding live search results.
People are changing the ways they search – puttin in whole sentences, or questions, not just kws.
lbert Chen talking about up and coming tools and Google search features that will help the user experience and bring more information to us as marketers.
**** Sort kws by competition. *****
Google insights tool – great for researching for clients whose product you may not be familiar with.
Real time data for millions of users – geo -trends & much more.
Explore new themes with the Google Wonder Wheel!
Used for correlary product themes – what do people search next after your brand search.
Opportunities Tab – Keep Things Fresh & combine with Insense Research – step in Google forcasting.
Ad Sitelinks – give users a choice.
Product Plus Box – Add Selection & Variation
Search Funnel Reporting – clicks and impressions that occur prior to last clicks that drive conversions, how many clicks it took for them to convert on your site, avg length and duration of conversion paths, how kws ad text and campaigns assist ea other prior to conversion.
KW paths that result in the most ROAS.
The future of google – you will be able to drag something to the search box, not just have to type something in.
The future of Google – adding greater depth to search and further improving the user experience.
Google Places is the new name for GOogle Maps – business owners can add offers, change descriptions & edit photos, etc.
Testing new paid service for locating businesses along with Yellow Pages. Business can customize icons and the ad.
Translate button will appeal to foreign markets.
Orchid is the Facebook of Brazil – are your customers in Brazil? Advertise on Orchid!
Trust factor for friends and family is much greater than an expert recommendation.
Social Search – customize your Google page so that you can personalize your page with information from your friends and family & what they say, search and recommend.
Devices & Evolution of phones – “Sensory Revolution and AUgmented Reality”
Speaker / Voice
Camera / eyes
touch screen / skin
voice recognition / ears
Growth of Mobile Market
ppl are using devices just like they use their desktop – same number of characters in queries
Intersting example of an H&R Block app for the phone that you can take a picture of your w2 and do your taxes from your phone!
new beta – incentivize users: coupons plusbox – no need to print, use it right off your phone.
customize url so it appears as “download iPhone app” or similar rather than a clunky display url.
3 Resources from Google:
Google Ad Innovations
Official Google Blog: This Week in Search
Inside Adwords
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